Friday, September 18, 2009

Haiku Friday - I just got back from the periodontist and boy is my jaw tired; or - if it ends in "ectomy" it has to be bad

fully as bad as it sounds
dag nab it, this hurts.

My jaw is crooked
with the hot and hard swelling
I don't look like me

With extended jowl
I look like George Washington
just call me Fathead.

My tongue is worn out
chasing the stitches and wounds
examining all.

fully as bad as it sounds
you should use more floss.

Come join in for more 'ku at Jan's.


  1. Hey GingerB, that sounds truly suckish, and I'm even gonna goggle what that is 'cause I'm probably gonna need it someday.

  2. Amazing that gingivectomy has 5 syllables! You are briliant!