Monday, September 7, 2009

Roll this way

As you read this post's title, sing it to the tune of "Walk this way, walk this way" complete with the stylized screechy guitar riffs . . .

Hannah, Queen Hannah, the lamb of babyness, rolled her skinny white bum over from back to front today. Both directions. Over and over. Just because she can. See the proof?

I've been told by the therapists in the know that hemiplegia kids are prone to not crawling, my guess is even when one sided weakness is not severe, it is still different enough to make any such moves feel unreliable. I've been told with how much she hates being on her tummy she really might not crawl but would go to walking so we do PT moves that gear up for both. However, a girl that goes on her tummy voluntarily might just feel so inclined. Hannah has been going from tummy to back for a couple of months just from spite and aggravation, but until today never went back to front with purpose. Today she casually rolled over, looked to me for some glory and acclaim, then reached for a toy and hung out. Hung out on her tummy. Pushed buttons on the cash register and used a credit card. Ahem. See that baby? That girl is mine.