Saturday, September 26, 2009

Helping out, husband style

I am too tired to drink more, I really am. Could I beat him into compliance? So, we have very different ideas of what we should do on a Saturday, and my idea never includes playing video games while I ignore the children. He'd done a fair bit of outside work, I'd done child wrangling and house managing, and I thought the kiddos deserved fresh air on a lovely day like today right before the end of summer. I asked him to join us in a jaunt to the park. He preferred to stay home and rest. He would then need to leave for ninety minutes to pick up the boys. I said I'd rather the whole family got to play. I suggested he might work on the dinner before he left so I would not need to cook everything after I got back from wearing out the girls, after he had his moment of peace. He asked what was on the menu and graciously agreed. He could start cooking while being peaceable, as I do every night while I simultaneously pump milk and entertain the littles. I told him we'd have pasta with garlic, shrimp and parmesan cheese and steamed brocoli. When I got home he was pleased to tell me he had helped, as he had boiled. the. water.


  1. Um. Kick his ass. Seriously. And HARD.

  2. RE: your comment over on my blog today--tell whom what?

  3. this is one of the funniest blog posts i've read in a while.

    boiled the water. HAHAHAHAH! men.