Monday, November 30, 2009

The end of something, but not the end of everything

NaBloPoMo is coming to a close. I can't say I am entirely sorry. I don't need one more self imposed "must do" to feel crappy about, so I won't be restarting NaBloPoMo for December, but I have liked some of the things I've written this month. I meant to post a special dedication to a sweater I have been knitting for a long time, but I haven't finished the sweater because I've been blogging every evening. There was something I wanted to say about my gratitude for the village that's raisin' up my with me, but apparently you guys forgot to come over and babysit so I could write children more. You are bastard people and you know how I feel about your ass-faces. And did you all notice that I never once posted about poop? I meant to. I may still.

Reflecting on the internet addiction, though, has been fun. I am still thunderstruck at how enchanting online interaction with perfect strangers can be. You are all very good for my mental health. Thanks!


  1. Oh, you're welcome! And it's a good thing I didn't try that, because every now and then I enter non-Internet world *cough* Joe's place *cough*. I only had those posts up the last five days because I scheduled them ahead of time...

  2. I'm completely addicted to those strangers.

  3. Every self-respecting mommy blog needs a post about poop! Have to warn you though... it's addicting. The next thing you know you blog will be Gas-Food-Lodging-Poop...