Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wave the flag and pass the khaki yarn

Today is Veteran's Day. Yesterday, when I was at a a craft store laying in supplies for making yet another binky leash for Hannah, one which will now involve embroidery of her name so she will stop eating Sharpie ink, I saw a display for a knitting project where a person could knit a helmet liner and ship it to an organization that will send it to our armed forces in action. I don't really know when I will get this done, hopefully before winter ends, but I will. I just attended a wedding of a young couple who will be separated for a year while he is deployed in Afghanistan, and a lawyer I know is expecting another deployment next year, and will leave our work group. At dinner last night, I visited with my friend who is the widow of a helicopter pilot. While he wasn't killed in action, his service did likely cause his early death from leukemia after exposure to toxins while living in a bombed out hangar in Afghanistan. He wasn't always a great man, but I wish he could have stayed alive for his son's sake. I am saddened that anyone has to serve, but awfully glad it isn't me or mine, because I am selfish that way. I hate that our people are dying and maimed and I hate that anyone needs them to put themselves in harm's way in the first place. So today I give thanks for our service men and women who are less selfish than I. One of you is getting a helmet liner pretty soon. And, thanks.

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