Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pleased as punch, or possibly punchy

Dang it all, I am happy. Inexplicably pleased. People, I am full of the joy. I took the girls grocery shopping this morning and pretty much sang and danced my way through the aisles. Partly the dancing and singing was to please Hannah, who has shown great enjoyment of music, and partly because I couldn't help myself. We sang along to bad hits of the 70s and Claire singing the months of the year song she learned at preschool, and any other old thing that popped into my head. The cow bell for service worked in the meat department, just the way we like it to, and the milk was good for a week, which always pleases me. I planned a meatloaf I think might be outstanding, and saved a few pennies with coupons, then fed the girls lunch, and found that Hannah ate like an actual baby instead of a bird. I bought stickers for Claire despite her having got in trouble for sticking them all over the house last time, and she pinky swore they would not get stuck anywhere Daddy wouldn't approve. Hannah keeps getting wee recurrent fevers this week but doesn't seem very sick, in fact she seems vibrant, and no one has hamthrax at all. Hannah's molars are coming through but we are not sleeping any less than the regular six or so hours, so no harm no foul there. And hello, mobility, soon we will have to keep the baby gate closed just as if we had a regular baby because Hannah is butt scootin' across open space. The sun is shining and the leaves are twinkling through the air in that goldeny October way without remembering it is really November. My life today feels like that commercial (possibly for a breakfast cereal) that winds up with a song "and it's gonna be a great day!" Please excuse me, I might even be annoying myself. And how are you, my bloggy friends? Where are you and what are you doing? Do tell.

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  1. I am sitting blearily on the bed waiting for laundry to be done enough that I can hop in the shower. Then it's off to pick up kidlets from their grandma's and off to church.

    But tonight? I get to see Joe. So the sun is shining here too...