Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grace in Small Things: Number Forty

1. Cheese! In the name of all that is holy, how can I love any food this much? But I do. I just ate sharp Cheddar on my evening sandwich, after graced my broccoli in my Lean Cuisine lunch. In my fridge as I write, I having both provolone and Muenster for my pre-dinner dinner, and an unidentified cheese sauce also have shredded Parmesan, cottage cheese, string cheese, Muenster, Havarti, marble jack, shredded Mexican mix for the taco salad I will make tomorrow, and for the children, Babybel mini wheels, which my daughter calls cheese eggs. I love them all. I am grateful for them all. Thank you cheeses.
2. The warmth of my home as the weather gets nasty.
3. Hannah eats. And butt scoots. And nods her head yes if I ask her if she'd like to read a book with me.
4. Claire's red hair.
5. I have eleven gift card tins so far for Christmas presents for the office staff and day care providers, plus twenty treat bags for Claire's class, and four Christmas candy boxes for the neighbors. Nothing yet to go inside, but my packaging needs are covered from last year's post Christmas sales. I enjoyed taking stock today as I searched out the twinkle lights and hid some stocking stuffers (shhh, don't tell Lord Honey he is getting a Death Star ornament). Ho! Yay, verily I say, HO HO HO!


  1. Thank you so much for your wise and gentle words on my last blogpost, when I really had hit rock bottom. It meant a great deal to me to know you were out there x