Sunday, November 8, 2009

Motherhood, please be nice to my friend

I read some lovely posts today, such as this one, about mothering and so on, and then I also spent some time with a friend who is at the beginning of an unplanned pregnancy. Wowie Zowie! Depths of despair, for my friend who had hoped she was learning not to make so many unwise choices, and yet she also is full of all the feelings we mothers have that are purely and utterly joyful. Katyboo called it an amazingly awful, heartbreakingly fabulous roller coaster, and she is so right. I am saddened that my friend will have to be mother and father to this child, and that it will be the second child for her who doesn't get to live with his father and mother together, because my friend and her then fiance could not make their relationship work for the long haul. Yet, she is a wonderful mother, and her son is one of my favorites in my daughter's school. Everything about this friend is geared towards loving being a mom. In fact, if I had to tell you what this person wants most in life, it isn't anything super exciting, she just wants a husband who comes home to her and more kids. I know this friend will face some extra trials for being single, and will have to work so very hard to teach her children that unplanned doesn't mean unwanted. I do hope she succeeds.

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  1. This kind of post makes me so grateful to have a husband there. I hope she succeeds too.