Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Belgian Waffle Village Fête

I've been holding this draft entry to try to get a project done so I could add a picture but since I haven't completed my super secret entry, I'll just post this now, so you can be inspired to enter your artful creations in the Belgian Waffle Village Fête.

Get over to Belgian Waffle to see the announcement of the rules and categories. To see current entries, read up in the archives or go to the Flickr link and the very, very bottom of the blog main page for 2009, or click on the sidebar Marrowdile for 2008.

Entries are due by August 31. I will be entering in the Office Supplies and Miscellaneous categories. I'd like to make a cake of note but it seems unlikely. I keep thinking of the butter cow at the State Fair and hoping to surprise myself. Watch for my salami sculptures. Sure to amaze.

Join me?


  1. Butter cow?
    I've been trying to comment here on ages but it keeps saying my wordpress ID can't be verified. So now trying with my Google account.


  2. umm, that "here on ages" should actually read "on your blog for ages"...

  3. Why hello, Beverly. I wish I had any technological skills at all to figure out why its hard to post with wordpress but I am sure that is totally out of my league. I am hoping for a custom masthead one day so keep looking and one day this site will seem less lame. I'll have to reel you in with salami pictures! Coming soon!