Saturday, August 29, 2009

Haiku Friday - the not sick on Saturday edition

Children will fall ill
foggy sleeplessness settles
a pox on my house

She doesn't sleep well
I must give extra cuddles
rocking her to sleep

Size G nursing breasts
serving more than one purpose
she rests, my neck hurts

Then the illness wanes
sun shines in all its brilliance
reflected in smiles

Dancing, smiling child
laughingly meeting the world
as if no rain fell

and no cloud cast gloom
through our almost clean windows.
The baby is pleased!

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  1. We're still in the earlier stages in my household. No sunshine and rainbows yet.

    At least the neighbors are done partying. Though since it was still going on when my body finally gave out around 2 am, I have no idea how late that went.