Friday, August 7, 2009

Looking up today

Just to let you know it looks less bleak today, because, we are going on the day care summer camp out, where we will celebrate Hannah's first birthday! This will be one day I will be glad she isn't walking, so she can't fall on the uneven surface repeatedly.

While we were racing around trying to pack half the house, here is some of the discussion I had with Claire, and Claire's little Ugg boots had with each other, while I was pumping.

Claire: Mommy, can we go camping?
Mommy: Yes.
C: Now.
M: No.
C: Mommy, I want to go now (whining).
M: Whiners don't get to go to camp.
C: (silence)

One boot to another:
1: What's your name?
1: Are you fuzzy?
2: That's good.
1: Somebody's going in your tummy.
2: What is in your tummy?
1: A foot.
2: Nomanmona nome y ah.

M: You know what's fun about camping Claire? You can wear all your favorite clothes at the same time.
C: Oooh-!

Hannah clasped her hands together and squealed.

I'll toast marshmellows for all of you.

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